My Aunt Margaret

How do I begin.......? I grew up with her and we are still living together in my heart. Even though she's with God now but We are inseparable! She's a classical pianist, a performer, and an excellent, honourable tutor. I began my first piano lesson with her at the age of five. So for many years, she endured my playful attitude together with my naughty, mischievous behaviour. As to put up with my laziness, she rewarded me with 10 cents of snack money for each hour of my practice, so that I wouldn't give up playing the piano! She's the first person to thank for my music career! And she's much much more! All my life, she's given me unconditional support, teaching me how to be a better person! She thinks little for herself, always being thoughtful and giving. She's a small lady with a big heart and a sophisticated mind! To me, Auntie Margaret is a parent, a teacher and my closest buddy!