My Poems



Message From A Vulnerable Heart

Seems like the one I love has no way of knowing
My love for him sets a new limit while time is moving
Each night when he slipped out praises, promises in the dark,
Stripping all my defense like stripping a tree of its bark.
If my sensitiveness is about to scratch a scar on his velvet chest,
My fear of being stripped must be turning me to a mess.

     -Alice Lui
written in the year 1993
published in 1995



Time is not measured by the years that I live
But the moment I realized your existence is a gift.
I am willing to shorten my life time shift,
To exchange for a full day in your short merry myth.

     -Alice Lui
written in 1996
published in 1997


My World Of Jade

Time after time you'll hear people say,
"I'm in love and this is fate!"
People build their world of love in many ways,
Material commonly used are glass, plastic or clay.
My world of love is built with jade,
Wear it close to your skin and never would fade.
One day I shall meet you and I'll thank my fate.
Take a peep at your soul I dare not say,
Welcome to my world of jade,
I do hope that you will stay!
Maybe one day we turn old and grey,
I can say my favourite lines in my play.
"Do you still love me today?
Will you love me day after day?"

     -Alice Lui
written in 2003
published in 2003



Roses are red
Violets are blue
Honey is sweet,
And you are, too!

Mickey Mouse is cute,
Seven dwarves are kind
Three little piggies are witty
And so are you!

Money is tempting
Princes are charming
Midsummer dreams are enchanting
but not as you

     -Alice Lui


     -Alice Lui
written in 1990




See your tears In the reflection on your golden halo
My poem to you has started, be calm from here to a new life.



Dream Weaving

Come visit me in my dreams
We'll go walk bridges over the stars
Planets will be envious
knowing God will be smiling



Steam rises from the streets as the bridges hide in the fog
And I can hear your Love in a distant scream,
There are mountains between us and that is not far enough,
So dream faraway eyeZ into the last of the twilights gleam.







While seeds grow into flowers,
The metal turns to rust.
Your nature has built up towere,
Leaving troubles in the dust.
They may come to haunt your dreams,
Prevent long yearned for sleep.
Nothing is as it seems,
As you bury those troubles deep,
Waiting to be called,
Disturb the calm lake.
You make sure it is always walled,
In a prison that can never break.
You bury those troubles deep,
Where they cannot touch you,
Something time will not let you keep,
so your heart may mend anew.



Of plum boughs in bloom, both of the same vine
Stemmed together close, a bond of different sorts
With time, grown entwined
A sturdy branch to the humble twig
Guiding on the path of pollen's fight.

Drawing from the roots, nurturing the sprig
To feed on the same sun, seek to gain the same strength.
Stand against the buffeting front- O how grand the oak!
And yet to bend as sugarcane do, when blusters grow too strong
Arise, upright to your shine unblemished, the stalk unbroken.

In a meadow of blossoms from early spring,
Only one can glow with morning's mist
Only one could be plucked and returned the same love and care.
Whose kindness is radiant, gentle as petals' touch
A beautiful flower could only describe a sister such.

     -Alvina Tam
(my Goddaughter) age 17


It's the first Thursday of October
It's a night I'll always remember
You're a Songbird in stunning silver
Singing songs that would last forever

There in the spotlight you're adorable
Your eyes glitters like the star dazzle
Plus your smiles are gracefully delightful
It carries away my deepest trouble

You're the Songbird in my darkest hour
Singing for me & give me endless power
And your heavenly voice is so peace and charm
It takes me away through a voyage of calm

It's hard to say and I can't believe
If one day that you would ever leave
Cause you're the fire that I need
You are the lifeboat of my sea

It's the first Thursday of October
It's a night I'd treasured forever
You're a Songbird in stunning silver
Singing for me and sings forever

     -Fan Yu to Alice Lui


     -Yeelina Chu

Introducing a few of my favorite poems from the old dynasty


Entering my Garden Of Eden each time when this all time favourite song of mine plays ........
Song "Inette's Forest" From Freddie Ravel's 1978 album "Midnight Passion." Special fractal art by Dave Gates on YouTube

My Prose of the day from the song's inspiration

Crystal clear creek flowing gently by mild waterfalls ....... giggling little fairies swinging leisurely on the vine........
l@@king up I see a star-filled sky, like chess on board with black velvet clothing.......while all stars winking their eyes at me, sister moon ascending ..... .......
this is when crickets and cicadas harmonizing my singing ..............timeless
Song ends...... awakening
a subtle pain in my heart rises , " Where art thou my Dream Knight ?? Have I been forgotten ........"
水晶般清澈的溪流輕輕地流淌 依偎著溫柔的瀑布.......
小仙女悠閒地懸掛藤上嘻笑 ..........
抬頭看是個星羅棋佈天空,棋盤穿上如黑色天鵝絨服裝.......所有的星星都眨著眼睛看著我,溫柔的皎月缓缓上升..... .......
音樂結束 ..... 夢醒
心中微微的痛苦開始上升,“夢騎士 你在哪 ?? 我被遺忘了........”

- Alice Lui (23th June 2017)