Functions & Parties
Coaching & Judging


Functions and parties...
     Well, almost never prepare a line-up of songs before work. My style is to enter the room, look at the audience, use my judgment, and start to sing their language...play the type of music that they will like. So far, I've been 99.9% right!

When it comes to shows...
     I am an idealist! I will put in my heart and soul! I shall not direct or perform in a show for the sake of money. The show has to fit my interest and I only like to work with quality performers with total dedication and enthusiasm.
     Friends comment: "Feverish!" "Fanatical!"

Facing challenge...
      Working for the State Contractors Association at Fort Mason was like being in a huge Irish pub. We started with a Rod Stewart tune, then Rolling Stones...Sir Elton...Led Zeppelin...Bee Gees... You hear the clinking sound of glasses, lots of draft beer and happy folks yelling, "Iaaa? Iaaa?" or, "I loaf (love) the Beatles....!" "Can John sing an Irish folk song with the band? Iaaa?" At the end of the night, they couldn't distinguish our Asian faces and they were so sure that they had hired a British band.
      In the backyard playing for a house party in Marin County on Independence Day, a lady from Finland insisted that she wouldn't call the night off if she could dance polka. So, we ended the night with everybody dancing polka.
      One evening, we entered the ballroom at Patio Espanol located at 2850 Alemany Blvd. 80% of the audience were skilful Latin dancers. Therefore, all night we played a mix of rumba, cha cha, samba, tango, mambo, bossa nova, salsa beat...lots of Santana, of course!