ChinChin Bar, HK Hyatt 2005
ChinChin Bar (Halloween photos)
Club Mekong, knutsford HK 2005
Night Street Fair 2004
Golden Gate Park 2003
Night Street Fair 2003
Silver Legacy, Reno 2002
Night Street Fair 2002
Milpitas Square 2002
Silver Legacy, Reno 2001
All Star Show
Boomtown Reno 1999
Hong Kong 1997 Handover
Oakland Street Fair 1991



Alice performs many concerts in all forms and sizes here and overseas.

The largest crowd she played for was the 1977 Hong Kong Handover Celebration in Oakland with over 6000 audience jammed in the pavilion.

A more recent mini concert was performed in Hong Kong where she met up with many old friends and top musicians there.

The annual San Francisco Night Street Fair was unusual.  It is a very unique setting outdoor where the public can enjoy live music and watch the blue sky turns into a starry night.

Here are some of the highlights...